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The French croissant

The beloved French croissant famously known around the world as a traditional French pastry is actually an adaptation of an Austrian 'kipferl', a traditional yeast bread roll. As the popularity of the 'kipferl' grew amongst the French, an alternative copy of the pastry was created and known today as the French croissant.

The kipferl, kilflice, kifli or kifle

Boulangerie Viennoise

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Boulangerie Viennoise, 92, rue de Richelieu, Paris in 1839


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The kipferl

The story goes that August Zang originally an artillery officer opened the Boulangerie Viennoise, 92, rue de Richelieu, Paris in 1839 and served his customers the 'kipferl' a traditional yeast bread roll. It soon became such a popular pastry with the French locals that French bakers began creating their own adaptation, giving its name the 'croissant' due to its crescent shape.

The French croissant, a famous French puffed pastry


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The beloved French croissant

The basic ingredients for a classic French croissant au beurre are:

  1. butter

  2. flour

  3. water

  4. milk

  5. yeast

  6. sugar

  7. salt

  8. egg

The French croissant and it many names

  • Most of France: Pain au chocolat

  • In Southwest France: Chocolatine

  • In Alsace: Croissant au Chocolat.

  • In Hauts-de-France: Petit pain au chocolat

  • In Ardennes: Couque au Chocolat

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