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The origins of Parkour in France

Beginning in 1990's in Lisses and Evry, Paris, the concept of parkour was developed by David Belle and was guided by his father who was a firefighter in Paris. The aim was to get your body from point a to point b in the most fluid way possible with the use of no equipment.

Parkour is the combination of running, climbing, swinging, vaulting and jumping with a sole aim of navigating the environment across, over and under objects.

Georges Hébert

Georges Hébert


Georges Hébert, a French naval officer before World War I promoted athletic gymnastics skills, and it become the standard system of French military education and training.

The first World Cup competition of Parkour was launcheds in 2018. Two categories exist; Speed-run is a race to reach the finish line in the quickest time whilst overcoming obstacels as quickly as possible and Freestyle where athletes make use of obstacles in their path to show their creativlty and style which is judged.

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