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18 February 2023  |  Gastronomy

Truffles from Domaines to Domaines

Travel to truffle country! The truffle is a diamond of French gastronomy that is eaten on occasions or simply to have fun.

Domaine de Majastre, Domaine d'Argens, Domaine de Montine... so many estates that offer truffles in all their forms.

Truffles from Domaine Majastre

At the Majastre estate, truffles are picked all year round.

You will be able to taste truffles all year round. Philippe and Rosy de Santis offer refined local cuisine prepared by chef Morgan.

  • Retail sale of white truffles from May to August.

  • Retail sale of black truffles from December to March.

  • Demonstration of truffle digging with a dog.

Route de Moustiers Bauduen - 83630 - France 0494700512

Truffles from the Domaine d'Argens

Truffle specialists since 1987, the Domaine d'Argens has built its reputation over the last 30 years.

The Domaine d'Argens offers specific products to consumers, adapted to their consumption patterns.

5 species of truffles

The Tuber Melanosporum Vitt The Tuber Brumale Vitt The Tuber Uncinatum Vitt The Tuber Aestivum Vitt The Tuber Magnatum Vitt

You can go directly to Domaine D'Argens. Where to order online: Telephone: 04 98 10 12 22

Truffles in the spotlight at Domaine de Montine

Meet the Truffle: Tuber Mélanosporum! Domaine de Montine has two activities: a wine-growing activity but also an activity around the cultural heritage of the Truffle.

With its 3 hectares of truffle oaks, planted from generation to generation, the truffle lives on at the Domaine de Montine.

By appointment you can be guided from December to March through the truffle oaks to explain the "secrets" of the black diamond: the Tuber Mélanosporum.

Half-days of Cavage are also organized (search for truffles with the help of a dog).

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