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22 April 2022  |  Tourism

Wine tasting in the Loire Valley

Visiting the Loire Valley ? Learn more about the wine of the region by visiting the wine estates and try wine-tasting.

Château de Bréze

Château de Brézé


The vineyard was created in the 15th century. Although the region is now known for its red wines, it is to the white that it owed its reputation and part of its wealth for a long time. The historic wines of Château de Brézé were sung and praised in the 15th century by the good King René, poet. The Brézé vineyard also pleased Joachim du Bellay who wrote about it a century later: "its nectar seasons us, nectar gives it to us, my sweet Brézien vineyard." Group or individual tasting. Tasting of 3 wines of your choice depending on the availability of vintages. More info:

Domaine de Rocheville

Philippe Porché

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As soon as Philippe Porché acquired his first vines in Parnay in 2004, the very young Domaine de Rocheville could prepare to vinify its first harvest. In addition to being an exceptional year, 2005 is therefore a key date in the history of Rocheville, that of its very first vintage!
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Several guided tours with tasting are offered, lasting from 45min to 1h30 and will allow you to discover this eco-responsible cellar.

3-hour visits are also possible with a ride on electric two-wheelers or a meal.

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Domaine de La Paleine

Domaine de la Paleine


Laurence & Marc Vincent, lovers of the Loire, today preside over the destiny of the property.

Patrick Nivelleau vinifies the different cuvées of the Domaine.

The Estate moved from an organic approach to biodynamic certification under the Demeter label in 2017. Under the estate, 1.5 km of galleries are dug into the Tuffeau. There, at 12°C, more than 100,000 bottles of vintages and different Saumur appellations flourish quietly, sheltered from the light.

Tasting possible at the estate or at the Loge de Vigne, in a plot in the middle of the vines.

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Holiday rental château close to Saumur

Château Picol
Château Picol
Château Picol

Château Picol

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