Chateau de Jau restaurant

04 August 2021  |  Restaurants, Tourism, Wines / Vineyard

Discover the Chateau de Jau and its restaurant in the Pyrenees

Discover the Château de Jau and its restaurant Le Grill in the Pyrénées Orientales. Pure France highly recommend this great place. The setting, the service of the restaurant staff, and the quality of the products served make it a must-see in the Pyrénées Orientales.

Chateau de Jau

The Domaine de Jau and its vineyard

The Domaine de Jau is located on the heights of Cases de Pene in the Pyrénées Orientales. A small road marks out the vineyard hills with the Corbières massif as a backdrop. An enchanting postcard from the south. Bringing back memories of childhood holidays.

Vignoble de Jau

The history of the estate dates back to the 12th century.

The Abbey of Jau dates back to the 12th century with its foundation by Cistercian monks. Its development began at the end of the 13th century when Antal II, bishop of Elne, granted the monks the domain of Clairana with the water rights from the Verdouble River. They then gave the estate the name of the abbey - Jau - and built the tower there which stands proudly on the side of the rock to this day.

The Chateau de Jau is also a place of art and culture. In 1973, the estate was bought by Jean and Bernart Doré who developed wine tourism and created a restaurant and a contemporary art foundation. Each year several artists exhibit their work there.

Château de Jau, the restaurant
Chateau de Jau restaurant

The vineyard extends over a hundred hectares and is surrounded by 500 hectares of scrubland. It was been converted to organic farming in 2018 and will claim an organic label for the 2021 harvest.

Château de Jau, wine domain

Le Grill

The setting of the restaurant is sublime, the service unparalleled. The whole team is very welcoming. The restaurant is open for lunch from June 5 to October 3 (closed Monday to September) and in the evening in July and August (closed on Sundays and Mondays). The lunch and dinner menus are unique and are accompanied by a tasting of the Domaine's wines from aperitif to dessert. After the meal, you can stroll around the estate and visit the exhibition. It is possible to buy wine from the property. For reservations;

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