La Galinette Perpignan

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01 April 2023  |  Gastronomy, Restaurants

La Galinette starred restaurant in Perpignan

La Galinette starred restaurant in Perpignan La Galinette is a gourmet restaurant in Perpignan opened in 2000 by starred Chef Christophe Comes.

Seasonal flavors, a unique menu grown in our garden,
cooked by us, which I wanted to be surprising, demanding and daring. A new stage for the establishment, a wind of freedom and additional creativity in the kitchen, the surprise of the tasting for you, regulars of the house or new gourmets.

Christophe Comes

Christophe Comes

La Galinette Perpignan

 © @lagalinetteperpignan 

Christophe Comes works 4 as Sous-Chef of the restaurant Le Bristol of Michel Del Burgo (3 stars) In 2000 he returned to his origins in the Pyrénées-Orientales and opened La Galinette. He received his first star in the Michelin Guide in 2007. Christophe Comes is passionate about the land and associates his restaurant with a 2-hectare vegetable garden that he cares for. Fruits and vegetables grow with love in this garden. And it shows on the plate.

La Galinette Perpignan

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Les Menus

  • The main menu is unique and can be enjoyed in 6 or 8 courses.

It is served both at lunchtime and in the evening.

6-course menu at 70 euros and 8-course menu at 78 euros

La Galinette Perpignan

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  • The Lunch Menu

The lunch menu varies with the seasons and inspiration from the Chef.

Starter + Main Course + Dessert at 33 euros.

Lunchtimes excluding public holidays.

La Galinette Perpignan

 © @lagalinetteperpignan 

More information and Reservations

Addresse: 23 rue Jean Payra, Perpignan



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