Domaine Trolong Mondot

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04 April 2022  |  Gastronomy

The beautiful partridges, Domaine Troplong Mondot

Savor the moment
Taste the beautiful and the good
Awaken the senses

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The Beautiful Partridges

The restaurant is located in the Trolong Mondot vineyard near Saint-Émilion.

A residence of character in traditional stones of this region, a refined and neat decoration, the restaurant room is refined to leave room only for the infinite view of the vineyards of the estate.

Château Trolong Mondot


David Charrier, starred chef

The restaurant regained its Michelin Guide star on March 23, 2022.

Won in 2016, it was returned in 2018 due to work in the restaurant. Today just return of this star that values all the work and passion of chef David Charrier.

David Charrier attaches importance to the origin of the products. This is why he initiated the creation of a permaculture vegetable garden within the estate.

David Charrier


Adrien Salavert, pastry chef

From the lived body to the living body, Adrien Salavert's desserts are without appeal an experience that will create an imperishable memory such as the madeleine was for Proust. All our senses are awakened.

Adrien Salavert

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Address: Château Troplong-Mondot, 33330 Saint-Émilion

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