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18 March 2023  |  Tourism, Gastronomy

The history of the Michelin Guide

During your meals at the restaurant or your stays at the hotel you may have heard of the stars of the Michelin Guide. It is a red-colored guide, in the form of a hotel gastronomic directory and guide launched at the beginning of the 20th century by the Michelin tire company. You will also find the Green Guide, which describes the main activities and interesting regional curiosities, as well as Michelin maps of routes and orientation. The guide selects each year the famous hotels and restaurants and the localities offering lodging and board, on which it gives information and appreciations.

The oldest guide in the world

It is one of the oldest gastronomic guides in the world. Each year, the "Michelin stars" are awarded, which reward the best brands.

The guide's story

In 1900, the Michelin Guide was created, published on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition, this guide is offered for any purchase of tyres. You will find in the guides, favorites with selections of hotels and charming houses, as well as gourmet guides, food travel guides and green guides.

Discover the Guide Michelin 2023 with all the restaurants and classified stays to be found.

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