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04 December 2021  |  Gastronomy

The truffle in the spotlight for the holidays

The mythical black diamond

Let yourself be amazed and seduced by this exceptional product for the end of the year celebrations.

The house of the Truffle

You are probably wondering where to get some truffle?

You can buy truffles in specialized markets, in delicatessens or, for example, in Occitania, you can discover the Maison de la Truffe.

An underground visit to the world of black diamonds. An exciting universe and a sensory experience. You will find in the shop area a range of quality products around the truffle.

But where does the truffle come from?

The truffle is a noble, powerful and aromatic mushroom. Unlike other mushrooms that we pick from the earth, this one is found underground.

It likes growing in limestone soil with a neutral pH that is slightly alkaline. The period between mid-December and mid-January is when the truffle reaches its level of maturity and this is where it is most fragrant. It is therefore a delicacy for Christmas meals.

The Truffle for Christmas

  • Brie with truffles

  • Truffle capon

  • Truffle risotto

  • Lamb fillet in a truffle crust

Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful and appetizing recipes that will highlight the truffle.

Olive oil with truffle flavor

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