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16 February 2022  |  Pure France, Tourism

What to see in Languedoc Roussillon / Occitanie

eLanguedoc-Roussillon, which is part of Occitanie, has long remained unknown to holidaymakers but is now the most accessible region of France with its vast network of airports served by low-cost airlines. Holiday rentals in the Languedoc region have never been so popular. France's largest wine producer, the whole region seems to be an endless postcard landscape interspersed with beautiful vineyards and historic, picturesque villages. The vast Mediterranean coastline offers a calmer and more suitable option than the Côte d'Azur. Carcassonne with its medieval city, the Pont du Gard and the Cathar castles are must-sees in the region. Choose from our premium portfolio of villas, country houses, cottages and farmhouses.

We have more than 84 seasonal rentals in Occitanie. Villas, castles, farmhouses, country houses.

The essentials to do in Occitanie

City of Carcassonne

Cité de Carcassonne UNESCO

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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire 3 kilometers of ramparts and 52 towers visible for miles. Our full article on the City of Carcassonne: https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/the-canal-du-midi-in-carcassonne

Le Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi

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The Canal du Midi, classified by UNESCO, crosses all of Carcassonne. This historical site is ideal for boat rides, bike rides or walks along its historic banks.

Our article to discover the history of the Canal: https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/the-canal-du-midi-in-carcassonne

The Cathar Castles


Quéribus, Montségur, Peyrepertuse, you have probably already heard of these castles that are worth a detour. Discover them in our blog article; https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/the-5-most-beautiful-cathar-castles



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A charming little town with red bricks. This is an opportunity to discover the episcopal city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as the magnificent Toulouse-Lautrec museum.

Read more; https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/albi

Saint Cirque Lapopie


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Medieval village with its view of the lot which attracts a large number of holidaymakers. The medieval village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is perched 100m above the Lot River in south western France. A charming village of character with cobbled alleys, Gothic facades, fortified gates and stone houses.

Read more; https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/saint-cirq-lapopie

Le Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard in Occitanie

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One of the most beautiful architectures of Occitania. Built as part of a series of aqueducts supplying the Roman city of Nîmes, the Pont du Gard is now a well-deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More information on the Pont du Gard here; https://www.purefrance.com/en/blog/the-pont-du-gard-in-occitanie

The Tarn Gorges

On foot or by kayak you can discover this panorama with crystal clear waters, with pretty villages in the surroundings.

Where to stay in Occitanie?

The Occitanie region is a popular destination for holidaymakers, so it has a wide choice of accommodation. Discover here, Pure France's superb holiday rental homes in the region; https://www.purefrance.com/destinations/languedoc-occitanie

We present below a selection of our houses for rent in Occitania:

Holiday home Occitanie
Maison Palatini on French TV

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