Les Bouchon Lyonnais

04 September 2021  |  Gastronomy, Restaurants, Tourism

The history of Lyon corks

You will not be able to go to Lyon without testing a Lyonnais cork.

So you are probably wondering what the history of Bouchon Lyonnais is.

You will recognize them directly, with the typical wooden tables, with red checkered tablecloths, in which we taste traditional dishes often made from pork.

Like any other specialty, the Lyon cork has an origin, which we are going to discover.

The story, the real...

Many legends mention the various origins of Lyonnais corks.

In truth, the word "cork" would come from the habit that the innkeepers had (an old profession consisting of serving wine and food for money) of signaling their shop by hanging up a bundle of twigs or branches at their doorstep. This is a theory confirmed by Nizier du Puitspelu, famous writer and architect from Lyon, in his Littré de la Grand'Côte.

Les Bouchon Lyonnais

Label "authentic Lyonnais corks"

The association for the defense of Lyon corks awarded in 1997 the label "Authentiques Bouchons Lyonnais". With the aim of targeting the oldest and most typical establishments in Lyon.

How to recognize the label?

The Label is represented by Gnafron with a glass in hand and a checkered tablecloth, there are now around twenty of them in the city.

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