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© Galerie Lafayette Paris

03 December 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

The Christmas Tree of Gelleries Lafayette in Paris

Like every year at Christmas, Galeries Lafayette installs its most beautiful tree in the heart of its store. A tradition that has continued since 1976 in the Galeries Lafayette Paris, Haussman. Every 30 minutes, the lights go out to give way to an animation where the trees come alive with sound and light.

© Unsplash

01 December 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism, Events

A unique experience at Oceanopolis in Brittany

OcéanOpolis celebrates its 30th birthday It is an aquarium that shares its knowledge with its National Center for Scientific Culture dedicated to the Ocean, one of the largest aquariums in France in Brittany. Discover many rare or common species and live a captivating experience around the aquatic world. For the Christmas holidays, Océanopolis has concocted a nice program for you!

© Pure France

24 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Holidays

Maison Baleyssagues is beginning to feel like home

Maison Baleyssagues is nestled right in the heart of beautiful Bordeaux region countryside in the small hamlet of Baleyssagues midway between Saint-Émilion and Bergerac. The unique ‘Y’ shaped villa was built by a renowned Dutch jazz pianist and has recently been bought to continue its artistic legacy. The property is filled with original art and antiques and with three bedrooms is the perfect size for couples or friends to enjoy some peace and quiet, or a family holiday in the sun.

© Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons

18 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism, Holidays, Nature

What to see in The Cevennes National Park

The Cévennes form a mountain range that is part of the Massif Central, located between the departments of Lozère and Gard. Located between a few picturesque villages, the land of the Cévennes is where nature lovers will take pleasure in discovering the beautiful countryside. Classified as a UNESCO biosphere for several years now, the Cévennes are a mixture of typical flora and fauna.

© La Rochelle aquarium

11 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

The Aquarium in La Rochelle

The La Rochelle aquarium is one of the largest private European aquariums founded in 1970 by René Coutant. During the 1h30 visit you will be diving into the heart of the oceans by meeting more than 12000 marine animals, and discover the biodiversity of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Tropics.

© Beaux-Arts en France

10 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism, Culture

Fine Art in France

The man has always practiced art in France. beginning with prehistoric painted animals on the walls of caves like at Lascaux. Art extends over several fields: discover fine art in music, dance, cinema, poetry, architecture...

© Ruinart

04 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Wines

More than a champagne a story, Maison Ruinart

Le Ruinart, or the oldest champagne house. Born in 1729, it is the oldest country house, originally a Benedictine monk, intuitive, hardworking and modest: Dom Thierry Ruinart. A know-how for nearly 300 years, let's discover the history of the Ruinart house.

© Unsplash

01 November 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

Holidays in Provence

Provence is also about pretty villages, farmers' markets, walks in the scrubland, visits to the magical creeks of Marseille, holidays with family or friends. In this series of articles we are going to present to you everything you should not miss during your holidays in Provence.

© Unsplash

27 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Wines

French wine in France

Discover French wines in France. French wine falls into 4 categories; Appellation d'Origin Protégée (AOP), Appellation d'Origine Vin De Qualité Supérieure (AOVDQS), Vin de pays and Vin de table. The four styles of wine France consist of Red, rosé white wines and sparkling wines.

© Le château de la Colle Noire

24 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

Holidays in Montauroux, in the Var

Montauroux is a pleasant town located in the department of Var, in Provence. Montauroux is located 30 minutes from the Mediterranean coast inland, 30 minutes from Cannes and Grasse. Discover the best activities to do in Montauroux, and our holiday homes for rent, near Montauroux.

© Ladislaus Hoffner — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

22 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

Must-see visits in the Dordogne

You are on vacation in the Dordogne, we have prepared the essentials not to be missed during your stay in the Dordogne. The cathedral of Périgueux, ancient past of Vesunna, Roque-Gageac, Marqueyssac, the Caves of Lascaux are just a couple places to visit in the Dordogne...

© Christian Ferrer - Wikipedia

21 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

Sète, Mediterranean destination

Sète is an important port city in the south-east of France, located in Occitanie. It is bordered by the Etang de Thau, a saltwater lagoon that is home to various animal species. Along a narrow isthmus, the Mediterranean coast of Sète is made up of sandy beaches.

© Benoît Prieur — Travail personnel, CC0,

19 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

The 15 most unusual places to discover in France

You are on vacation in France, discover the most unusual places and exceptional visits not to be missed. The Postman Cheval's Ideal Palace in Hauterives, The Sewers of Paris, The Colorado Provençal in Rustrel, The rocks sculpted by Abbé Fouré in Saint-Malo and much more...

© Salon du chocolat Paris

17 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Events

Paris Chocolate Show

The world's largest chocolate and cocoa fair takes place from October 28th to Tuesday November 1st, 2022. Visitors will find chocolatiers, patissiers, confectioners, cocoa producing countries and other artisans from all over the world.

© Unsplash

14 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Tourism

Haunted house Cité de Carcassonne for Halloween

An attraction in the heart of the City of Carcassonne with about fifteen rooms fitted out like an old manor of 300m² in which you will witness strange and frightening phenomena. Enter the heart of a haunted mansion for 20 min. Piece by piece, the ghosts of this mansion are no joke.

© Boris Molinier

11 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Events

Magical light show at the foot of Mont Blanc

A magical spectacle at the foot of Mont-Blanc. The 6th edition of "Lumières Saint-Gervais" will be held every day from 5 pm to 10 pm from december 22nd to 29th A week of illumination and wonder in the streets of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. This event is always hugely poular thanks to the talents of the artists, the culture and the architecture.

© CC BY-SA 4.0,

10 October 2022  |  Amélie Roca  |  Sports and leisure

Winter Olmpics 2023

From February 4th to 20th, 2023, the Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing. The 190 events of the seven Olympic Winter sports will be spread over three competition areas: the Beijing Center, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. Three competition areas with four events on snow as well as events on ice.

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