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26 May 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  Holidays, Pure France

7 properties by the beach

The beautiful days are approaching, the beautiful sunny days, the long summer evenings. It's time to think about your summer vacation! In the direction of the Mediterranean or the ocean... choose your property by the beach that suits you.

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25 May 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Tourism, Culture

Villefranche-sur-Mer and The Rolling Stones

Villefranche-sur-Mer is undoubtedly the prettiest and most charming of the smaller towns on the Cote dAzur. Falling from the hills to the seafront and its beautiful bay, Villefranche sits comfortably between Monaco and the Italian border. Like Cannes in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Villefranche was a poular winter destination for royalty and wealthy visitors. And then, in April 1971, the wealthy rock and roll royalty arrived - The Rolling Stones.

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24 May 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  UNESCO , Tourism

Abbaye de Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe

Let's explore the Abbey of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe. It is one of 45 French heritages classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Located in the Vienne department of New Aquitaine, it is known for its perfectly well-preserved Romanesque murals, unique in Europe.

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23 May 2021  |  Virginie Erre  |  Culture, Events

Pablo Casals Festival, July 30th - August 13th 2021

Book your place now at the Pablo Casals festival in the Pyrénées Orientales. The chamber music festival takes place this summer from July 30 to August 13, 2021. The famous cellist Gautier Capuçon will be amongst the artists performing. Come and spend your holiday in the south of France and enjoy the festival one evening.

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22 May 2021  |  John Jones  |  Gastronomy

How’d you like them apples

The French like to celebrate food in all its varieties and one can find village ‘Fetes’ to celebrate just about anything that grows locally. When in season villagers flock to rejoice and taste the fruits of their region from the humble chestnut to the inedible mimosa flowers.

22 May 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Tourism, Architecture

La Grande Roue

La Grande Roue (The Big Wheel) of Paris was unveiled at the Exposition Universelle in 1900. It was the tallest wheel in the world at its opening. The passenger pods were so large that they were removed from the wheel and used as homes for French families during The First World War. Since 1900, the Grand Roue has become a spectacular site at Fetes Foraines throughout the summer in France.

21 May 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Architecture

Eiffel's designs - apart from the tower.

Yes, the tower. But Gustave Eiffel also designed many other structures, not only in France, but around the world. He contributed to the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York and designed several bridges for the French Railways. Discover more about Gustave Eiffel...

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21 May 2021  |  Rob Mears  |  Holidays

Grimaldi, Grimaud and Joan Collins

Monaco's royal family - the famous Grimaldi clan used to have a little-known coastal area in the South of France named after them. Up until the end of the 19th century, the Gulf of Grimaldi lay between a small fishing town and a hilltop village with an 11th century church.

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20 May 2021  |  Simone Bouquin  |  Holidays

Discover why Villa Valfère is the best place to experience all that Saint-Tropez has to offer

Villa Valfère is located in the countryside of Saint-Tropez, near the beaches of des Salins and des Canoubiers. With 6 bedrooms, a large garden and swimming pool, the house comfortably accommodates up to 12 guests in a décor dedicated to Saint-Tropez famous movies and Brigitte Bardot. You can enjoy the Provençal market every Tuesday and Saturday. At les Canoubiers there is an excellent sailing school for both children and adults.

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20 May 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Sports and leisure

The day before the Monaco Grand Prix

The Formula One Grand Prix circus arrives in Monaco this week for the three day festival May 21st to the 23rd. Visiting Monte Carlo the day before the weekend starts is a spectacle in itself. Walk on some of the race-track, stand on pole position and take in the scenery.

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18 May 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  Holidays, Pure France

Renting your house with Pure France in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The holidays are fast approaching, and we are receiving more and more requests for rentals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Do you own an exceptional property in this area ? A contemporary villa, a chateau, a farmhouse, a country house ? Earn some earn extra income by making your property available for holiday rentals. Pure France is here to guide you smoothly through the whole process...

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18 May 2021  |  David Auckland  |  Holidays

The Manoir Experience - The Sunday Times

It is quite a while since I last had a foreign holiday, five years to be exact. Not that it has been a case of not wanting to, more an adopted state of inertia focused by a need to live within my means. Since giving up work, I have been living a modest, but pretty busy, life here in Norwich, volunteering at the local Arts Centre and writing music and theatre reviews for our local listing magazine.

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17 May 2021  |  Mary Weale  |  Holidays

Château du Pic with unparalleled views over the beautiful medieval village of Najac

Secluded on a hilltop giving unparalleled views over the beautiful medieval village of Najac, with its own heated pool in a secret garden, the attractions of the 19th century Château du Pic are obvious. Built in 1886 by the Najac born Rouquet brothers returning to the village having made their fortune in Paris, Château du Pic boasts the elegant proportions of the era combined with all the comforts of modern living. This truly elegant but comfortable home has been renovated to an extremely high standard whilst retaining its period features and is beautifully furnished; combining the luxury of the new with the stylishness of the past.

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17 May 2021  |  Thierry Brunot  |  Holidays

Maison Lamonzie offers holiday makers a warm welcome

This rural house dating back to the 17th century is entirely part of the Frais Vallon property. The farmer working on the domaine and his family used to live in the house until recent times. The last renovations in the house were undertaken to install modern day comforts while preserving authentic features of the building: its large stone fireplace, its oak beams as well as its cobblestone flooring (with river pebbles). These features are typical of rural buildings in Périgord but this quality and these dimensions are rare for a house of that size. The cobblestone floor, usually used to cover one-level buildings floors (the church of Lamonzie-Montastruc), it is very unusual for first floors except for some castles (château de Montastruc) because of its weight.

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16 May 2021  |  Ray Standen  |  Holidays

Le Mas Gaugeac, so peaceful and what fabulous views...

'It is so peaceful and what fabulous views!' is normally one of the first statements made by visitors to Le Mas Gaugeac. Standing proud of the surrounding countryside, this ancient 'domaine' is surrounded by 40 hectares of fields and woodland. Once connected to the fabulous Château de Biron the carefully renovated manor has an interesting history.

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16 May 2021  |  John Morrison  |  Holidays

Le Moulin de Terrac, what's in a name?

Well in the Corrèze department of France, the letters 'ac' signify that the property had habitation in Roman times. So there was probably a mill there many centuries ago. There was certainly one there in the 14th century, when the bishop of Toulouse acquired it. At that time the mill pond extended to some 14ha!

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16 May 2021  |  Bettina Warnford-Davis  |  Holidays

A stunning sea view on the Côte d’Azur

Our family home is available to rent all year round, it has the most stunning sea views from both behind and in front of the house and many people say it's one of the best on the Côte d’Azur. The saline infinity pool is very special, it looks onto the bay of Cannes, the islands and all the way up the Cap d'Antibes.

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