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08 April 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Holidays

The early bird that catches the worm

Jump in quick so you don't miss out. Some properties. They're fabulous. But you just can't book them because they’re always fully booked so far in advance. So here's a heads-up on some of our most popular properties that tend to attract reservations a year or so in advance. Jump in quick so you don't miss out!

Villa holiday France

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08 April 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Holidays

Villa holiday France

Villa holidays are not just about villas... There was a time when a villa holiday in France meant exactly that; self-catering accommodation in a modern villa. Now, the term 'Villa Holiday' encompasses a vast and diverse range of styles of fabulous holiday properties throughout all regions of France...


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07 April 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  Pure France

Ten things to do in lockdown

The news is in ... we are confined for 4 weeks. Whether you are alone or with your family, we have put together a list to help you spend your days better. We know how hard it is to be confined again ... But we have no choice, so we've put together a little list for you to help you pass the time faster.

Château de Chambord


06 April 2021  |  Lee Jones  |  Tourism, UNESCO

Château de Chambord, the largest château in the Loire Valley

Château de Chenonceau was built between 1519 and 1547. Upon completion the then wealthy owner, Pierre Nepveu played host to Emperor Charles V. The château offers visitors unique French Renaissance architecture. During the Second World War, works of art on display at the Louvre in Paris were moved and stored at Château de Chambord.

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The best recommendations are the recommendations. Glorious, flawless, outstanding, luxurious, wonderful, spectacular, relaxing, welcoming.

Eye wateringly perfect, all the attributes of a beautiful home in beautiful settings and trappings. We say again, perfect.

A far cry from what used to be a working farm house. Little did the farmer suspect how wondrous it would become.

Modernity at its best - placed very carefully in stunning countryside. A modern house that is indeed very modern and panoramic…

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