Spa Gemology Carcassonne

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25 July 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  Yoga, Wellness, Sports and leisure

SPA Gemology Carcassonne

Come and experience an unforgettable moment of well-being in an exceptional place dedicated to relaxation and absolute refinement. If you are staying near Carcassonne, then do not miss such a privileged moment. Located at the foot of the medieval city in Carcassonne, at the Hôtel du Château. The SPA Gemology team welcomes you from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. for a moment of relaxation alone or in pairs.


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20 July 2021  |  Hugh Atkins  |  Culture

Spike Lee, Cinéma à la plage

The Cannes Film Festival finished with a special screening of Spike Lee's 'American Utopia' a concert / theatrical film of Talking Heads' singer David Byrne. Shown on the big screen on the beach, free for eveyone to watch. Spike Lee introduced the film himself and said goodbye to everyone in Cannes.

Biarritz Laboratories

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16 July 2021  |  Amélie Roca  |  Made in France

Biarritz Laboratories

Specialized in sun care, but also moisturizers, sensory care, restorative care and baby care, Biarritz laboratories adapt their products for the whole family. Biarritz Laboratories is also a team involved on a daily basis in the respect the environment, in particular through personal choices. A team headed by a succession of entrepreneurs all in love with the ocean.

Chocolate mousse

 ©Theo Crazzolara 

15 July 2021  |  Virginie Erre  |  Bakeries, Patisseries, Gastronomy

Chocolate mousse, an easy dessert to make during the holidays

During the holidays, with family or friends, here is an easy and quick dessert to make. The "homemade" chocolate mousse is a real delight to enjoy during your meals on the terrace in the garden or by the swimming pool. Chocolate mousse made its appearance in the 18th century. It is a Swiss cook of Louis XVI, Charles Fazi, who would have invented the recipe.

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